Monday, August 01, 2016

Two wounded in shooting at Lockwood business, fired employee arrested

A fired employee of Prairie Mountain Screening in Lockwood is in custody following the shooting at the business this morning in which two employees were injured.

The Highway Patrol tells KY3 the victims were taken to a Springfield hospital with serious injuries, but were stable late this morning.

The Highway Patrol believes the shooter fired at the vehicle of one of the victims but didn't hit the man. Investigators say the shooter then followed that man to the business and shot his way inside. The glass on the front door is shattered. Once inside, the ex-employee shot a man and a woman.


Anonymous said...

*Pew*Pew*Pew* Where were all the good guys with guns?

Anonymous said...

If the company had a no weapons policy for employees like most, AKA it was a victim disarmament zone, then if they were there they were disarmed by virtue of being employed there.

I can remember one non-retail establishment (those are obviously are much more willing to allow employees to be armed, or the owners themselves) where a crime was stopped by an employee, and he was the COO and a reserve deputy. Although I'm sure there are more.

Taking this further, if you look at just the mass shootings of the last N years/decades, exactly one was not in a victim disarmament zone, the Arizona congresswoman's in a parking lot, and if the people right there hadn't succeeded in wrestling the shooter to the ground while he changed magazines, an armed citizen who "marched to the sound of the guns" and rushed up just then would have likely stopped it.