Friday, December 09, 2016

Humphreys family contribute more than $3 million on final day

(ADDITION: Apparently, I did not check the Missouri Ethics Commission website Wednesday, December 7, as I thought I had done. On that day, another $1 million in contributions, $500,000 from David Humphreys and $500,000 from his sister, Sarah Atkins, were given to Governor-Elect Eric Greitens. David Humphreys also gave $100,000 to Rep. Rob Vescovo, R-Arnold, bringing the final total to $3,050,000.

Forty-eight hour reports posted Thursday and today on the Missouri Ethics Commission website indicate Joplin businessman David Humphreys and his family contributed nearly $2 million to Missouri politician and the Missouri Republican Party on the final day before campaign contribution limits went into effect.

The Turner Report noted Thursday  that Humphreys and his sister, Sarah Atkins of Arlington, Virginia, each contributed $500,000 to Attorney General-Elect Josh Hawley, while Humphreys gave $100,000 each to Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard, R-Joplin, Senate Majority Leader Mike Kehoe, R-Jefferson City, Rep. Holly Rehder, R-Sikeston and $50,000 to House Majority Leader Mike Cierpiot, R-Lee's Summit.

Reports posted today show Humphreys contributed $500,000 to the Missouri Republican Party and $100,000 to Secretary of State-Elect Jay Ashcroft raising the total contributed December 7 to $1,950,000,


Anonymous said...

So Randy what might have been given to the Democrats?They may not have a Humphreys family but Dems were well funded.. Perhaps the public employee unions gave a few dollars.

Anonymous said...

I will never purchase another tamko/Humphreys product again. It's a small gesture, but enough drops in the bucket eventually fill it. A purchased election to suppress labor and to promote charter schools will bring negative results very quickly. They don't need my few measly dollars to support their efforts.

Anonymous said...

Roofing products obviously are not their main source of income. Wonder what is?

Unknown said...

I think it's wonderful that the Humphreys family cares enough about their community and state to make contributions to good honest individuals willing to serve and better society.

Randy, in the interest of journalistic integrity why didn't you post the Democratic contributions, any from George Soros, or was he just interested in burning Ferguson down, and shooting cops who n the back?

Randy said...

There is no need to bring up the idea of journalistic integrity, Harvey. There were no contributions from George Soros to Missouri candidates. The story here was that Mr. Humphreys was the biggest contributor during the last day before campaign contribution limits were restored. No one else was even close. Though I am not in favor of unlimited contributions, I made no accusations. Mr. Humphreys is from Joplin and he makes news. I report on it. If you will read my book Silver Lining in a Funnel Cloud (it's in the Joplin Public Library if you don't want to buy it), you will see quite a few positive things written about Mr. Humphreys.

Anonymous said...

In the light of recent developments...Is the Humphreys family still happy with what they paid for?!

Against precedent, Humphreys puts principles on pause for Greitens, for now

More recently, Humphreys joined several high profile Republican business leaders and elected officials in contributing to Alabama Senator Doug Jones, a Democrat in his race against Republican candidate Roy Moore who, like Greitens today, was wrought with sex scandals.

However, the Humphreys precedent of holding politicians to high moral standards has been put on pause as Humphreys has chosen to maintain his support for the scandal plaguing Governor Eric Greitens.

The married Greitens admitted to an affair minutes before a KMOV television report uncovered the affair and the recorded accusations of blackmail. However, unlike the case where the single Kinder visited a bar and Humphreys called for his resignation, he has chosen to continue to support the married Greitens during his sex scandal, leading some to question if the difference in his principle is more tied to the office than the morality.

“I think everybody who’s appalled and disgusted by his behavior should ask for their money back,” Rep. Lauren Arthur said.

The Missouri Times spoke to a source close to Humphreys who commented:

“The Humphreys family is still supporting the Governor, for now. Like the rest of the state, they are monitoring the situation and as more reports of his behavior come in, that could change.”