Sunday, December 18, 2016

Jarub Baird posts top Turner Report links for past month

The federal indictment of Jarub Baird, 27, Carthage, on meth and money laundering charges has drawn the most interest from Turner Report readers during the past month, capturing the top two spots on the lost of most visited posts.


1. Federal judge: Jarub Baird to be held without bond on meth conspiracy, money laundering charges

2. Jarub Baird held without bond on meth conspiracy, money laundering charges

3. Why are Webb City, Carl Junction schools so far ahead of Joplin?

4. Mark Rohr fired

5. Joplin R-8 Board continues draining the swamp, Boyer out the door

6. Reader: Turner, public school teachers, journalists are lying scumbags

7. Joplin R-8 Board expected to act on Kelli Price resignation Thursday

8. Moss contract forbids Huff-like speaking tours

9. Galveston newspaper editorial: Stick a fork in Mark Rohr
10. Black Friday shopping deals available


1. Carthage Police seek information on armed and dangerous suspect

2. Jasper County Sheriff searching for man who failed to register as sex offender

3. Joplin teen arrested on multiple charges following accident on I-44

4. Joplin Police seeking to identify two suspects in credit card fraud case

5. Fred and Red's reopening this week

6. Carthage man arrested on multiple charges after getting stiffed on drug deal

7. Oronogo woman injured in accident near Webb City

8. Granby man killed in head on crash on Highway 60

9. Highway Patrol DWI Arrests December 3-4

10. Joplin Police Weekend Arrests


1. Brent Shepherd

2, Lane Killion

3, Lisa

4. Anthony Nieto

5. Wayne Willis

6. Amy Smith

7. Nathan Burns

8, Dustin Shryock

9. Zach Hopper

10. Shelah Russell

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