Saturday, December 31, 2016

Billy Long: It's time to make America great again

(From Seventh District Congressman Billy Long)

As 2016 comes to a close, a new era begins. On January 3rd a new Congress will be sworn in. Our nation's 115th Congress begins on that day and a new presidential administration will take office January 20. With Republicans controlling the House, Senate and now the White House, a unified Republican government will set an aggressive conservative agenda.

As President-elect Donald Trump has said, some of his top priorities would be our health care system and immigration.

Ever since the Affordable Care Act was passed in March of 2010, it has continually let the American people down. With premiums continuing to rise, hardworking Americans are being hit the hardest. In late October, the Show-Me Institute released a study that showed premiums rising for rural Missourians the most. With Missouri’s 7th Congressional District being predominately rural, this will hurt my constituents most.

Republicans will keep their promise and repeal this disastrous law. First we will start with the repeal resolution. The repeal resolution is a budget resolution that will allow for a repeal and stable transition between the old and new law. Within the repeal resolution will be reconciliation instructions. Reconciliation instructions allow for certain committees to produce legislation that can later be passed by a simple majority in the Senate.

Both the Senate and the House must pass the repeal resolution in order to move forward to the second step which would be reconciliation process.

The new law will reflect what Republicans believe is missing in the current law: more choices, more control and lower costs.

Though health care will be an important part of Republican's agenda in the 115th Congress, immigration will be as well. Ever since I became a Congressman the debate on immigration has continued to become more polarized. With our national security at risk, I have no doubt that President-elect Donald Trump will keep his promise and do all he can to protect our borders and country.

For the past eight years we have failed to enforce our immigration laws. The current administration has taken it upon itself to bypass Congress and use executive actions to set immigration policy. Starting in January, things will change. We will no longer use power of the pen to get things done. We will bring about reform through the legislative process with the president signing bills into law.

Though many legislative goals were accomplished during the 114th Congress like the 21st Century Cures Act, I know the 115thCongress with the House, Senate and White House being controlled by Republicans will be even better. It’s time to make America great again.

(Turner Report comment: After all of the years Billy Long and his legislative colleagues have been riding the anti-Obamacare gravy train, we are about to find out that they haven't got the slightest idea of what its replacement should be and it is already obvious that it could have worked much better if they had not kept throwing obstacles in its path,)


Anonymous said...

One thing is certain. Billy Long will vote only for a Bill that favors the Insurance Companies and Big Pharma.

Anonymous said...

I am fully confused how the Turner Report is being used as a sounding board and re-election campaign page for Bubba. We know he is not writing any of this stuff and since he refuses to have public meetings maybe nothing should show up in print except what is uttered out of his rather large chubby cheeks in public. I would dearly love to see him hold his own at a public question and answer session of 1 or two hours where he has to speak "off the cuff" or off the top of his head from what real knowledge he possesses. Yes, let us see what the republicans come up with medical care and parenthood assistance for those unable to afford decent care that we pay for our congressional persons and staff. The system is not broken, it is destroyed by our bought and paid for congressional legislators.

Anonymous said...

I am confused as to why the people of the Seventh District keep sending this fat, lazy slug back to Congress term after term. He has never done anything but eat, drink, play poker and take money from anyone who offers it.

Anonymous said...

I am confused as to why the people of the Seventh District keep sending this fat, lazy slug back to Congress term after term. He has never done anything but eat, drink, play poker and take money from anyone who offers it.

I don't know why others do, but there's one minor activity you've left out: every time there's a critical recorded vote, and I check on, he's voted as I wished he did.

That is, you know, the major reason we send Congressmen to D.C., to represent our interests....