Monday, December 12, 2016

Joplin city manager offers weekly update

(City Manager Sam Anselm provided the following update to the Joplin City Council Friday.)

Good afternoon, everyone. Please see below for this week’s abbreviated update.

-On Wednesday, staff and I sat in on the demonstration of an online building permit/inspection module, and an online business licensing module, that I referenced in a previous update. Both modules showed promise in terms of improving online access for users of these services, and both have the potential for reducing staff time spent administering these programs. I have scheduled a follow-up meeting with key staff members next week to discuss next steps.

-In related news, thanks to the work of our IT and Municipal Courts offices, citizens now have the ability to conduct online court record and docket searches by visiting A link is also provided on the municipal court division’s page on our website. There will also be some modest changes to the court check-in process beginning next week that should also improve the operations in that division.

-On December 20th, staff will be attending a webinar with our consultants from the Center for Priority Based Budgeting to begin the next and final step of the program identification process – scoring the programs against the Results Maps that you approved at our work session in November.

-Thirty citizens have signed up to join one or more of the Vision Joplin 2022 teams, so the initiative is off to a great start. I invite you to visit to stay up to date on team meetings and view some of the ideas that have been submitted online (four ideas were submitted as of this afternoon). As was mentioned during the press conference on Wednesday, you can expect an update at our January and March work sessions before the report is brought to you at one of our regular council meetings next Spring.

-Around this time of year, staff begins to get questions about the snow routes in Joplin, so I thought I would share that information with you this week; it is attached to the end of my update.


Anonymous said...

What?! No mention that they are still dealing with the employees who were cut from the new fiscal budget? I don't know why you'd want to sweep that mess under the rug. I can't imagine the potential lawsuits you've set yourself up for with the "bumping" process that you've used to offer existing city employees a job only to then retract the offer and give it to another employee, citing a procedural oversight. That can't be important enough to get your city leader clued in on.

Anonymous said...

6:22 PM: Sounds like bad business, but also the sort of business dealt with in closed session?