Monday, December 12, 2016

Professional development plan, new Franklin Tech classes on tap for Joplin R-8 Board

The Joplin R-8 Board of Education will meet 7 p.m. Thursday, December 15, in the Memorial Education Building.

A. Call to Order

1. Roll Call

B. Pledge of Allegiance

C. Approval of Agenda - Action

D. Reports

1. Board President's Report

a. 2015-16 Audit Report - Action (Paul Barr)

b. Celebrations - Info. (Jeff Koch)

c. BOE Policy Committee Update - Info. (L. Banwart & J. Martucci)

d. BOE Data Analysis Committee Update - Info. (J. Koch, S. Dermott & L. Musser)

e. BOE Finance, Salary, and Benefits Committee - Info. (Dr. Fort & J. Martucci)

f. BOE Safety Committee - Info. (Dr. Fort & C. Sloan)

2. Superintendent's Data Report

a. Health and Dental Care Insurance Reports - Info. (Paul Barr)

b. Financial Statements - Info. (Paul Barr)

c. Emerson Elementary Demolition Update - Info. (Dr. Sachetta)

E. Public Comments Regarding Agenda Items *

F. Consent Agenda - Action

1. Minutes - Action (Pat Waldo)

2. Personnel Recommendations - Action (Dr. Lankford)

3. Property and Liability Insurance Renewals 2016/17 - Action (Paul Barr)

4. Policy FEF: Construction Contracts Bidding and Awards - Action (Dr. Ridder)

a. Policy FEF: Construction Contracts Bidding and Awards

G. Regular Agenda

1. Accounts Payable - Action (Paul Barr)

2. Selection of Realtor for Surplus Property - Action (Paul Barr)

3. Second Reading Joplin Schools Professional Development Plan - Action (Dr. Ridder, Jennifer Doshier, Dr. Gilbreth)

4. FTC - Economic Development Administration (EDA) Grants - Action (Dr. Ridder )

a. Public Safety Program Equipment - Action (Dr. Ridder)

b. Advanced Manufacturing Technology Program Equipment - Action (Dr. Ridder)

c. Innovative Technologies Program Equipment - Action (Dr. Ridder)

5. Point of Service, Inventory Control, and Nutritional Software - Action (Dr. Sachetta)

6. FTC New Courses and Course Changes 2017/18 - Action (Dr. Ridder)

7. Policy Update First Reading - Action (Dr. Ridder)

a. Policy JGGA: Seclusion, Isolation and Restraint

8. Plus/Delta - Info. (Dr. Ridder)

a. Plus: What did we do well

b. Delta: Opportunities for Improvement

H. Adjourn

A closed session will be held at 6 p.m. The agenda is printed below:

A. Call to Order

B. Roll Call - Pat Waldo

C. Motion to Authorize Closed Session per 610.021 (1) Legal actions involving the district... (3) Hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting of particular employees... (8) Preparation for negotiations with employee groups... (11) Bids and related documents... Action

D. 610.021 (1) Legal actions involving the district ... - Action (Dr. Ridder)

E. 610.021 (3) Hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting of particular employees... - Action

F. 610.021 (8) Preparation for negotiations with employee groups ... (Info.) (Dr. Lankford)

G. 610.021 (11) Bids and related documents... - Action (Dr. Sachetta)

H. Adjourn - Action

The board's Policy Committee will meet at 2 p.m.


Anonymous said...

What fresh hell in PD have they hatched this time, and how many hundreds of thousands will this cost? This year has been a complete wash. Teachers were taught that if they stood close to their students the kiddos would behave better. Duh...Waste. Of. Time.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new has been added for PD. Buildings are supposed to be in charge of that this year. It is supposed to be teacher-driven. Most of the 1% PD money was given to building principals to use on teacher/principal-determined building needs. Other was spent on mentoring. The only thing from the district is the voluntary Cognitive Coaching cohorts. The money has to be spent or we lose it (not much can carry over). If you're a teacher and you don't like the way the money is spent, talk to your building principal or join the JPDT (professional development team). There should be elections in the spring.

Anonymous said...

According to DESE not all teachers have to endure PD. But in R8 they all get the same training no matter what. I find that a curious use of teacher time and district resources.