Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Threats of JHS school shooting, superintendent's love affair top March 2016 posts

Rumors of a planned school shooting at Joplin High School provided the most visited Turner Report posts for March 2016. accounting for the number one, three, four, six and nine posts.

The month also saw a big career move for former KSN anchor Toni Valliere, a sex scandal involving an attorney who has worked for the Joplin R-8 School District, a reader who thought former Joplin R-8 Superintendent had served the community well by getting rid of the trash (me), and my thoughts about the Joplin Globe milking grieving family members out of as much money as it can.

Posts that did not make the Top 10, but which are included here, included the revelations that the CEO of Empire District Electric Company has a $10 million golden parachute and that communications between C. J. Huff and the White House and vice president's office over the visit of Vice President Joe Biden to the Joplin High School dedication ceremony in October 2014 no longer exist.

Links to the posts from earlier today that featured the top stories and a few extras from January and February 2016 are also included.

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Here are the top posts for March and a few extras:

1. School shootings, rape, and discipline at Joplin High School

2. Romance with the superintendent? R-8 lawyer accused of conflict of interest

3. KODE report: JHS freshman had list of those he planned to kill

4. JPD news release on threatened school shooting

5. Toni Valliere returning home

6. Police investigate threatened school shooting at Joplin High School

7. Reader: Give C. J. Huff credit for getting rid of trashy teachers like Turner

8. Joplin Globe continues milking money from grieving families

9. Heavier police concentration at Joplin High School as rumors of threats circulate

10. Joplin, CJ men plead guilty to meth conspiracy

And a few others from March

Empire District Electric Company CEO has $10 million golden parachute

Sunshine Law request indicates correspondence between Huff, White House has vanished

Video- East Newton Board candidate rants and raves about former Joplin teacher (In other words, Martin Lindstedt does not like me, but what that has to do with today's East Newton education, I have no idea)

And the top stories for January and February

Resignation of two principals, memories of T. J. Bowman among top February 2016 posts

KOAM departure, Zach Williams protest, $3.5 million lawsuit among top January 2016 posts

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