Friday, December 09, 2016

Latest report: Dankelson doesn't return tainted Jordan DIsposal contributions

The 30-day-after-election campaign report filed this week by Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney Dean Dankelson indicates the soon-to-be Division 2 judge is a man of his word, at least when it comes to campaign contributions from questionable sources.

Dankelson told the Joplin Globe he was not going to return the $5,000 he received from people connected to Jordan Disposal, Joplin, contributions that came at a time when a member of the Jordan family, Andrew Aaron Jordan was awaiting trial in Jasper County Circuit Court on drug and weapons charges.

The report shows that Dankelson's campaign has $254.41, obviously not enough money to reimburse the donors, and he has received no contributions since his last report. While there is no reason for Dankelson to be seeking out contributions now, there is nothing that says he cannot contribute his own money to the committee and Dankelson has been steadily employed as Jasper County prosecuting attorney since 1999.

As noted in the October 24 Turner Report, Dankelson failed to file charges against one member of the Jordan family and accepted the $5,000 while another one was awaiting trial.

Dankelson charged Aaron Andrew Jordan, 32, Joplin, with unlawful use of a weapon and possession of a controlled substance, but Jasper County Sheriff's Department records indicate the initial arrest was for distribution of methamphetamine and not for possession.

Jordan's brother, Freddy Jordan III, 35, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia. Dankelson did not file charges against him.

Also arrested on charges of distribution of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance, and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia was Jamie D. Hall, 27, Joplin. Dankelson filed charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana against her.

Dankelson's campaign finance records show he received $5,000 in contributions connected to the family business, Jordan Disposal, on September 7, more than a month after his primary victory over Stephen Carlton. Dankelson faces no opposition in the general election.

The next day, Dankelson paid $5,037 to Choice Marketing, Joplin, The prosecuting attorney told the Joplin Globe that he did not know why his campaign contacted the five people who contributed $1,000 apiece- Andrew and Freddy Jordan's father, Freddy Jordan Jr., their uncle Brian Jordan and his wife Katherina, Linda Beaver, and former Kansas State Rep. Doug Gatewood, all of whom work for Jordan Disposal.

Prior to the Jordan Disposal contributions, Dankelson only had $292.28 in his campaign account.

The basis for the stronger charges for which the Jordans and Hall were arrested were spelled out in the probable cause statement:

On July 14, 2016, around 1535 hours, I, Deputy Soole No. 338 was dispatched to a careless and imprudent driver in the area of Main and Zora in Joplin, MO, Jasper County. Dispatch gave me a description of the suspect vehicle and the direction of the vehicle.

They advised it was driving erratically, passed the reporting party on a double yellow line and cut the reporting party off.

As I approached the intersection of Eaglewood and Mangrove, I was flagged down by the reporting party. The suspect vehicle had pulled into a residence (3238 Mangrove) and the driver ran quickly inside.

Another male subject (Freddy Jordan), was standing by the suspect vehicle on the passenger side.

The driver soon came back out of the residence with a rifle in his hand and shot across Mangrove in a north east direction.

The suspect noticed my patrol unit (reporting party and I about 100 yards north of the residence parked in the roadway of Mangrove) and quickly ran back inside the residence. He later came back out without the rifle. He was identified as Andrew Jordan.

I detained both Freddy and Aaron (note Aaron is Andrew's middle name) As I was doing this, a female came out of the residence. She was identified as Jamie Hall. Ms. Hall stated she didn't know if anyone else was inside.

During a safety sweep of the residence located in the middle bedroom in plain view was a green leafy plant in a pot. Located in the back bedroom were several baggies with a white substance and green leafy substance in plain view on nightstands along with glass pipes with burnt residue.

The baggies with white substance field tested positive for methamphetamine.

Aaron was advised of his Miranda rights and asked if he understood. Aaron said yes. Aaron said all he did was pass the reporting party and noticed they were following him and became scared. Aaron said he just tried to hurry home so he would feel safe.

Aaron said he was just shooting to shoot because he thought this was his last round. Aaron admitted to all other items inside the residence belonged to him.

After the Turner Report publicized the contributions, Former Greene County Prosecuting Attorney Darrell Moore was appointed to handle Andrew Jordan's case.


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Prosecutors don't appoint special prosecutors. Judges appoint special prosecutors.if you did journalism instead of hit pieces, you'd know this.

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You are correct and that will be changed. I am surprised you don't have any comments on the rest of the post, which would lead me to guess that you know everything else is accurate.

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