Thursday, December 29, 2016

Statutory rape trial for former Diamond School Board member will be held in McDonald County

A January 3 pre-trial hearing is scheduled in McDonald County Circuit Court in the case of former Diamond R-4 Board of Education member Johnny Russow, who is charged with two counts of statutory rape.

The case is being held in McDonald County on a change of venue from Newton County.

Russow was charged with having sex with a 16-year-old Diamond student twice at his home, but the teen told investigators she had sex with Russow, 44, in two other places prior to the incidents in Russow's home.

Russow resigned from the Diamond School Board April 6.


Anonymous said...

A fine, upstanding citizen elected to the Diamond BOE ... take a look at what has happened to the district test score since he and his 3 ring circus took over "running the school" for the betterment of children! Wake up Diamond!!!!

Anonymous said...

His attorney sure is doing a lot of work to get the trial moved to McDonald County if he is innocent!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Diamond Missouri sex predators always have their cases transferred to McDonald County. Johnny Russow did it, Doug Bradley did it and Coach Josh Cook did it. Is it more acceptable for adult men to molest underage girls in McDonald County? What kind of message does this say about McDonald County? News sites report the arrest, never the outcome. Did they get off Scott-free? Do they have to register as a sex offender? What's up with all this.