Saturday, December 31, 2016

Trump Jr., Dankelson, Woolston, Scott Watson, Billy Long featured in top July 2016 posts

The eyes of the nation were on Donald Trump and his family during the Republican National Convention in July.

Each night, a different member of the Trump family was spotlighted in a prime time speech. For those of us who are deeply interested in education, the speech given by Donald Trump Jr caught our attention.

Trump insulted U. S. teachers and showed little knowledge of what is truly going on in education. Of course, as I pointed out in the number one Turner Report post for July 2016, the Trump family has no connection to public schools and apparently, no interest in finding out what is truly going on in public education.

July was a strong month for the Turner Report and one way to judge that is to look at some of the posts that did not make the top 10.

These included extra police and security being called to Eagle Picher after a second round of layoffs, C. J. Huff claiming that Bright Futures could prevent school shootings, the announcement that Matt Harding would be the new North Middle School principal, a lawsuit against Joplin Police officer, the setting of $180,000 as the pay for the new Joplin R-8 superintendent and the setting of a trial date for a Joplin man accused of using his children to make child pornography

Three posts I have included as extras, but which did not make the top 10, also give an indication of how good a month it was for the blog.

These include a Turner Report investigation into that lawsuit against the Joplin police officer which showed that the woman suing had been charged with assaulting law enforcement officers in 2014, the selection of Brandon Eggleston as Joplin High School principal, and an appellate court decision not to give a new trial to the man who murdered Missouri Southern State University offensive line coach Derek Moore.

July was a good month for the kind of reporting that has resonated with Turner Report readers over the years. The Top 10 posts included an examination of evidence against former Joplin City Councilman Mike Woolston that then Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney Dean Dankelson ignored, a Billy Long campaign finance report that showed his campaign account paid for $50,000 in meals in three months, plus trips to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle, and the Kentucky Derby, and FEMA's rejection of the Joplin R-8 School District's reimbursement requests.

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The top posts for July 2016, a few extras, and links to the top posts for January through June can be found below the PayPal buttons.

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Top 10 July 2016 posts

1. Donald Trump Jr. attacks teachers in convention speech

2. Former Jasper County deputy charged with assaulting emergency personnel

3. Former state representative candidate Michael Jarrett dies from injuries sustained in car accident

4. Mercy McCune-Brooks administrator, former prosecuting attorney charged with DWI

5. Billy Long report: $50K in meals, trips to Vegas, Frisco, Seattle, Kentucky Derby

6. Mike Woolston and the case that Dean Dankelson ignored

7. Judge decides in favor of Home Depot in Joplin Tornado lawsuit

8. Billy Long plans "Weekend in Vegas" fund raiser

9. FEMA rejects Joplin R-8 requests for reimbursement, millions at stake

10. Former Joplin R-8 employee asks for jury trial in million dollar lawsuit

And these extras

Brandon Eggleston named Joplin High School principal

Appellate court rejects self defense claim in murder of MSSU coach

Woman suing Joplin police officer arrested for assaulting cop in 2014

The top posts for January through June 2016

KOAM departure, Zach Williams protest, $3.5 million lawsuit among top January 2016 posts

Resignation of two principals, memories of T. J. Bowman among top February 2016 posts

Threats of JHS school shooting, superintendent's love affair top March 2016 posts

Diamond sex scandal, Blasters lawsuit, my triple bypass vacation among top April 2016 posts

FBI investigation of Northpark Mall owners, Tina Smith resignation among top May 2016 posts

Mitchell departure, new job for Sachetta, my apology for Tina Smith article top June 2016 posts

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