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Ace Mohr, Dean Dankelson, Downstream Casino robbery, R-8 graphic designer featured in top August 2016 posts

This summer, I started receiving messages from Turner Report readers telling me about a young man named Ace Mohr, who was allegedly committing crimes and not having to pay for them.

I made it a point to file that name for future reference, so I was ready when Mohr was one of two people arrested by the Joplin Police Department in August in connection with an armed robbery at 7th and Moffet.

The Mohr arrest and its aftermath opened the door to bigger stories involving the way former
Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney Dean Dankelson had operated his office, including the methods he had used to run for his current position, Jasper County Division II judge.

Much of that came in later months, but the seeds were planted, as they have often been for the Turner Report, by tips from readers.

The top post for August 2016 was an investigative piece detailing how Dankelson had dropped armed robbery charges on two previous occasions.

The number two post revealed that Dankelson filed charges against Mohr's alleged partner in the armed robbery at 7th and Moffet, though not for armed robbery, but did not file charges against Ace Mohr.

Those posts led to further revelations in September.

As with previous months, August included a number of stories, in addition to the Ace Mohr saga, that never reached the pages of the Joplin Globe.

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The Top 10 for August 2016, some extras, and the posts for January through July 2016 can be found below the PayPal buttons.

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Top 10 Posts for August 2016

1. Prosecutor dropped earlier armed robbery charges against Ace Mohr

2. Dankelson files felony charge against Prall, nothing against Ace Mohr

3. Victim of Jasper High School aide's sexual assault sues woman and her husband

4. Manhunt on for Neosho teen following armed robbery at Downstream Casino

5. Realtor; Dankelson a prosecutor who doesn't look out for victims

6. Joplin R-8 Board rejects $50 an hour graphic designer

7. Joplin R-8 Board hires high school assistant principal, three teachers

8. Joplin Police: No truth to rumor about Range Line shooter

9. Former Seneca banker to serve eight months for embezzling, also stole from charity

10. Joplin R-8 official: Our student records are a mess

A few other posts

Government files suit against Newton County man for $2.6 million in unpaid taxes

Neosho Daily, Carthage Press owner offers voluntary buyouts, layoffs may be next

Bond set at $1 million for Joplin man for Saturday morning shooting spree

And the Top 10 posts from previous months

KOAM departure, Zach Williams protest, $3.5 million lawsuit among top posts for January 2016

Resignation of R-8 principals, memories of T. J. Bowman among top February 2016 posts

Threats of JHS school shooting, superintendent's love affair top March 2016 posts

Diamond sex scandal, Blasters lawsuit, my triple bypass vacation among top April 2016 posts

FBI investigation of Northpark Mall owners, Tina Smith resignation top May 2016 posts

Mitchell departure, new job for Sachetta, my apology for Tina Smith article, among top June 2016 posts

Trump Jr., Dankelson, Woolston, Scott Watson, Billy Long featured in top July 2016 posts

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