Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Brad's Beat comes to an end; KSN reporter takes position with Joplin R-8 School District

Brad Douglas, whose Brad's Beats features have been eagerly anticipated by area viewers over the last several years at KSNF, is calling it quits in less than two weeks.

During a January 24 closed session, the Joplin R-8 Board of Education hired Douglas to replace Danny Craven, general manager of Jet HD, the district's television operation.

Craven is going into private business.

Douglas left the following message on his Facebook page

This is a bittersweet message, but my last day at KSN will be February 10th. I've accepted the General Manager position at JETHD Joplin Eagles Television

I'm very excited to teach the next generation about broadcasting. Danny Craven has built an amazing program and I hope to live up to his excellence. I'll be teaching a few new broadcasting classes and help run the station. 

I've been at KSN for 17 years and worked with some amazing people in that time. I literally have friends all across the country that have passed through the station's doors. I'd like to thank the late Larry Young for taking a chance on me back in 2000 by hiring me. I'd also like to thank my other news directors Leisha Beard and Jim Jackson for letting me tell so many stories. Also a big thank you to Robert Harrison for sparking my interest in that first television class more than 20 years ago. Also to all the teachers at Mizzou who encouraged that love of broadcasting.

I have two more weeks at KSN and I hope you'll tune in for my last few stories. I will continue to use this page to spotlight some of the awesome work the Joplin students are putting out on a daily basis. So here's to the next step, I'm ready for the challenge.

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