Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Joplin R-8 Board approves five retirements, two resignations, sells old Irving Elementary lot

The departure of eight Joplin R-8 employees was approved during a closed session of the Board of Education January 24.

Those submitting retirement requests were Vicky Arnold, Penny Gessler, Mary Rebecca Harry, Regina Hayes, and Angela Street.

Resignations were accepted from Tim Head and Ashley Williams.

The board also voted to hire Steve Gilbreth as assistant superintendent, Barbara Cox as interim principal at South Middle School, and Brad Douglas as general manager for Jet HD.

Sale of Irving Elementary lot/Bids for Washington Education Center

The board approved a bid of $63,000 from Sprouls Construction, Lamar, for the vacant Irving Elementary School lot at 26th and Wall.

The bidding process for the sale of Washington Education Center has begun again and will close Monday, March 20.


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