Monday, February 06, 2017

Federal judge denies Bobby Landis' request for early release from probation

U. S. District Court Judge Douglas Harpool today denied Joplin businessman Bobby Landis' request for early release from probation.

Landis, who served almost three years in a federal penitentiary for not paying federal taxes at his business, still has a year remaining on his probation.

U. S. Assistant District Attorney Steven Mohlenreich, in documents filed Thursday, stated the government's opposition to Landis' early release, noting that though he has paid $5,749.59 of the money he is required to reimburse, he still owes more than six million dollars.

Mohlenreich pointed out that Landis, while serving in prison "conducted business with another inmate having a history of fraud and requested permission to continue this business arrangement while on supervised release. Landis also violated a condition of his probation by opening a new line of credit.

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