Friday, February 03, 2017

Governor's budget makes massive cuts to higher education


Anonymous said...

In 1968 at Emporia State University my tuition was $99 a semester for anything over 12 hours. My room in the basement of lovely home was $25 a month and two of us had the whole basement to ourselves. We had to eat out, but it was not that much. Books were $8 a semester to rent. Now we are seeing tuition of several thousand dollars, rooms in a dorm very high and some books, one even, can cost several hundreds of dollars. It has been a perfect scenario, Devos as Education Secretary, which means more charter and private schools and higher education costs for college mean only the rich spoiled brats will be able to get a decent education and wage for the future. The system is broken and I guess we are to blame for wanting too much for ourselves and kids. I weep for the lower class and their status for the future. Hope you love butchering chickens or cows.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your sentiment that the system is broken and I also agree that the great equalizer of higher education is fast becoming unattainable for many (again). The problem as I see it is that Universities don't directly feel the impacts of their financial mismanagement. They feel the need to build the nicest dorms, have the fanciest dining halls, and the best sports facilities to attract students. All the while they know they can keep raising tuition and students will keep getting larger and larger student loans. The end result is that students end up with so much debt they are unable to elevate themselves financially thus negating the benefits.