Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Frozen appetizer production plant to bring 220-240 jobs to Joplin

(From Ajinomoto Windsor, Inc.)

Ajinomoto Windsor, Inc., a leading company in the frozen food industry, will support the expansion of its frozen foods business in North America by building a new frozen appetizer production plant in Joplin, Mo., the company announced today. The new facility, which is located near its existing plant in Carthage, will open in late 2017.

The company also announced that it has entered into a sales agreement to transition ownership of its Piedmont, Mo., food manufacturing facility to Today's Food, LLC, an affiliate of Tasty Brands, LLC, a U.S.-based food manufacturer of frozen and refrigerated food products.

"With the new facility in Joplin and our current Carthage plant, Ajinomoto Windsor will be centralizing our Missouri operations to create efficiency for suppliers, end users and management," said the Ajinomoto Windsor Executive Team. "The Piedmont community has supported us for more than 20 years, and we are confident it will offer the same support to Today's Food, LLC."

Frozen appetizers is a food category that grows by 5-8% each year. The $39 million Joplin plant will bring between 220-240 news jobs to the community.

"We are very excited to announce 220-240 new quality jobs for Joplin," noted Governor Greitens, "That's 220-240 families who will now have access to great work. We have been fighting for every single job and this investment in Joplin shows that the world is recognizing that Missouri is open for business."

Ownership of the Piedmont facility is scheduled to transfer to Today's Foods, LLC in early 2018. During this transition, Ajinomoto Windsor's Piedmont facility will remain open and in full operation and customers will see no impact in their service.

"We have been very impressed by the Piedmont community and the employees at the facility," said David Horowitz, President of both Today's Food, LLC, and Tasty Brands, LLC. "We look forward to working with the Ajinomoto Windsor team to smoothly transition the facility to our Missouri-based entity, Today's Food, LLC."

About Ajinomoto Windsor, Inc.
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Anonymous said...

Curious as to where they will get the people for these jobs. The applicant market is already pretty low, and from what I have heard, there is some questions by the Chamber as to whether or not they can get the people for all these jobs. With the addition of Owens Corning it has really reduced the workforce for the area. This is a good thing as it means unemployment in our area is very low, but you cannot keep promising potential companies a workforce if you are already at a low point in candidates.

Anonymous said...

The job genie will save us!

Concerned citizen said...

Unemployment is not low....too many potential employees cannot pass drug test,credit worthiness,police reports and/or lack basic job skills..our federal government seems to keep these folks in ebt cards and cell phones.

Anonymous said...

My wonder is how much of a tax break they get, tax abatement on property and depreciation on building. Will they stay here long enough to make it pay or will they sell the unit off to foreign country/business who will undercut wages. A lot of if's and what strain will it put on water use and wastewater going to plant and then into one of our pristine(cough) creeks. Lots of questions should be asked and answered before letting any business into town. Workers are no problem, just find out where the people are and hide them from INS.

Anonymous said...

unemployment is low in Joplin 3.7% compared to national average of 4.5%

Hugh Janus phone 6060 842 said...

Maybe Cong. Billy Long can have a fundraiser there after they get things rolling.

I know it would cost me much less than having to travel to Las Vegas to donate to Cong. Long!

Unknown said...

The JACC in conjunction with Crowder College has a tremendous training facility in place on 4th St ready to role, and customize training per the employer's needs and requirements.
Personally I think a 50:50 mix of training our own un( or under) employed vs transfer in of new, already trained specialist for the client is the ideal way to go!

Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text 24/7

Anonymous said...

The only way to effect a tax increase is to increase the workers in the area, if the labor force is not sufficient here, people will move to the area. This increaes housing, and sales taax collected. Merely shifting from one job to the other does nothing to increase the tax collected to pay for infrastructure, fire and police.

Unknown said...

It does help, if the shift is upwards of say 50%+ the present wage-- which is what these kinds of industries can do, I.e., addressing the UNDER employed problem.

Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text 24/7