Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Joplin Sears store not included on list of latest closings

The Joplin Sears store on Northpark Mall has survived yet another round of closings.

Sears announced Tuesday it is closing 72 more stores- 16 Sears operations, 49 KMart stores, and seven auto centers.

The stores are expected to close by September.

The latest closings are in addition to 180 announced earlier this year.


Anonymous said...

Considering how barren the parking lot always is, it's just a matter of time. Sears is an overpriced craphole.

Anonymous said...

You look at the average Sears parking lot over the past 15 years and you could think there's something hinky going on. How could they justify not shutting that whole thing down? It takes real money to float that boat.

Then you look inside the stores and you could think there's some sort of Enron or WorldCom type scam operating that is being backed by a Bernie Madoff!

Anonymous said...

Where will the Brady Bunch shop at now?