Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Allegation: Former Joplin man forced developmentally disabled boy to perform sex act

The Newton County Prosecuting Attorney filed a statutory sodomy charge today against a former Joplin resident who allegedly forced a developmentally disabled boy to perform a sex act on him April 8, then moved to Nickerson, Kansas after he was questioned by Joplin Police.

A warrant was issued for the arrest of Royal R. Hoth (DOB 1969) with no bond.

According to the probable cause statement interview, Hoth confessed to "cuddling" with the child, then rubbing against him and finally forcing the boy into the sex act.


Mat & Michelle Clark said...

These types of crimes are never-ending.
This is just pure evil.

Anonymous said...

Royal R. Hoth is a Sick Bastard. Hopefully he pays the ultimate price for his deviate actions.

Anonymous said...

Honestly shocked to learn this about Royal. Worked with him canvassing for Trump years ago, never would have imagined he was capable of doing that.