Sunday, May 26, 2024

Former Neosho/Joplin businessman waives arraignment, pleads not guilty to identity theft charge

Former Neosho/Joplin area businessman Russell Lawrence Grundy, 54, waived his arraignment May 1 in DeSoto County, Mississippi Circuit Court and pleaded not guilty to identity theft charges.

Grundy, the former owner of Innovative Objects, who had only recently been released from federal prison where he served three years for fraud and money laundering, was indicted by a DeSoto County grand jury in January.

The Springfield Police Department arrested Grundy on a fugitive from out of state warrant February 2, according to Greene County Jail records.

More information about the previous charges against Grundy can be found at the link below:

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Anonymous said...

Lawrence Grundy, can definitely be called a Scam Artist, and instead of coming out of Federal Prison early and being rehabbed, his first inclination is to steal Peoples's Identities for his own Personal Profit. Maybe our Courts need to learn a Lesson and Lock him for a Decade or Two.

Here we go again - Russell Lawrence Grundy - Stole and Defrauded Millions of Dollars from Several Businesses and Individuals - - He was Sentenced to 8-Years in Prison, but only served 3-Years. Why do we allow Criminals to get out early when we know, and it has been proven time and time again - - Jail does not Reform Criminals - - they will get out and Commit another Crime.

Court documents say he had multiple schemes to defraud financial institutions, the Miami Nations Tribe, and former clients like Land O’lakes and Nutra Blend.

Not only was he Sentenced to 8-Years, The court also ordered Grundy to pay nearly $15 million in restitution to his victims. No One will ever see that...

He should have received a Decade or more in Jail - before ever seeing the Light of Day - -

Why cannot we start being Tough on Criminals - Why do our Judges, Prosecuting Attorneys, and even Jurors - - feel the need to give these Criminals such Light Sentences - -

Hopefully he will serve additional time for Identity Theft and have to fulfil the Balance of the Eight Years from his previous Sentence.

Good Riddance - Russell Lawrence Grundy, couldn't happen to a Bigger Liar, Thief, and Fraud and Con Artist.