Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Missouri joins five other states in federal lawsuit over Title IX transgender protections

By Mary Hennigan

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin on Tuesday filed a lawsuit with five other states, including Missouri, against the U.S. Department of Education’s change to Title IX that codifies protections for LGBTQ students.

(Photo- Amelia Ford, 15, speaks at a press conference in Little Rock on May 7, 2024, where Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin announced he and five other state attorneys general are suing the U.S. Department of Education over an expansion of federal Title IX protections to transgender students. Amelia and her mother are also plaintiffs in the litigation- Mary Hennigan/Arkansas Advocate).

The federal rule, announced in April, protects students and employees from sex-based discrimination, requires schools to offer support for people who make complaints, sets guidelines for schools and codifies protections for transgender students. It is expected to go into effect on Aug. 1.

The 60-page lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, alleges the education department exceeded its authority by rewriting the law. It also claims the rule is unconstitutional through a violation of the First Amendment, goes against decades of understanding of Title IX making it arbitrary and capricious, and presents “an actual controversy” by redefining “sex” to include gender identity.

The suit seeks to ultimately stop the federal rule’s effective date.

Though Title IX applies broadly, Griffin’s press conference Tuesday largely focused on transgender students joining girls’ sports teams.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey and Arkansas Solicitor General Nicholas Bronni joined Griffin at the press conference, as did Amelia Ford, a 15-year-old sophomore at Brookland High School near Jonesboro. Amelia and her mother Sara are plaintiffs in the suit, along with Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Amelia, a basketball player, said she’s worked hard to earn her spot on the team and doesn’t want that opportunity taken away from her. She also expressed concerns about the possibility of having “a boy who identifies as a girl” in her bathroom, locker room or hotel room during overnight sports trips.

“You don’t just become a girl by what you feel or by what you think,” Amelia said. “The government should not force us to disregard common sense and reality.”

The lawsuit mentions Ford’s faith several times and states it would be a violation of her Christian beliefs to refer to someone using pronouns that don’t align with the person’s biological sex.

Bailey referred to the Title IX rule as being “in favor of a radical transgender ideology,” and Griffin seemed baffled by the idea of such a proposed change.

“For a legal suit, it can’t just be ridiculous, nonsensical, hard to believe, outrageous — there has to be a legal basis,” said Griffin, who also added that he thinks “nationally, a vast majority of people think this whole thing is nonsensical.”

Asked whether he saw the lawsuit as harmful to transgender students, Griffin said, “No, I see it as following the law.”

Griffin’s lawsuit comes days after Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed an executive order instructing public schools to follow state law instead of the federal Title IX rule when it goes into effect in August.

“My message to Joe Biden and the federal government is that we will not comply,” Sanders said during a press conference.

A number of other states have also filed suit against the Title IX rule in their own federal circuit courts, and more are expected.


Anonymous said...

This stuff has gotten blown so out of proportion by religious people who are so far off track of actual religion maybe they should worry about policing themselves. We are seriously wasting tax dollars on a big nothing. They basically don't want people to have the right to live their own lives as they see fit with the same equalities as the rest of us. Not special equalities the same ones. They claim freedom but want to deny people their own right to live how they feel happiest. Shame on these bigots.

Anonymous said...

Yes, steaming heaps of shame upon them. PROTECT TRANS KIDS

Anonymous said...

INSTITUTIONALIZE TRANS KIDS for the real treatment they need. Not surgeries only Dr. Mengele could be proud of.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Trans Kids should have the opportunity to live their life free of shame and bullying, but should they be allowed to compete on the opposite gender teams or in individual sports against the opposite gender, is this giving them a clear and decisive advantage, even if they see themselves as the opposite gender? Is this Fair to all the student athletes or just a very small percentage that we are bending over backwards so they feel equal?

So, is it fair for male trans athletes to compete against female athletes, or should it truly be based on Birth Gender for Athletes?

Anonymous said...

Trans rights are human rights. This is not a debate but a fact.

Anonymous said...

"The lawsuit mentions Ford’s faith several times and states it would be a violation of her Christian beliefs to refer to someone using pronouns that don’t align with the person’s biological sex."

I challenge anyone to find this passage in the bible.

Anonymous said...

Again, should the Few forgo for the Many, and/or Deprive the Biologically Born Females to suffer so

So should a 6'4" 215lbs Trans Athlete, compete against my 5'5' 115Lbs Daughter in individual or team sports, if so why not just force all the girl(s) and Teams, to Individually and their Teams compete against the boy(s) Teams, is that Fair?

Or is the thought process, we just give everyone a Ribbon or Trophy for Competing and forget about True Competiton amongst the same Birth Genders?

Restrictions on transgender athletes at Paris 2024

Transgender athletes face increased restrictions ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympics compared to previous rules, as it was recently decided that they must have completed their transition before the age of 12 to avoid unfair advantages.

Anonymous said...

You want a scripture to back up that you can't just make up what you are? The Bible says God created male and female. Genesis 5:2. He didn't create a "they" or "them" or a male who today identifies as a female or female who identifies as male. I am fine with letting people live their lives, but when you force others to accept your lifestyle then you are taking away other people's liberty to believe in a deeply held idea.

And, when you force girls and young women to compete against biological males, that is fundamentally unfair and scientifically disadvantages the girls and young women.

I would further add, to think that a child or even a teenager (who often times cannot decide on what clothes to wear) is mature enough to make a life altering decision to change their gender assigned at birth is a ridiculous idea that even science is determining is more detrimental than beneficial. See the report and recommendations from the NHS of England.

Anonymous said...

Has there been a case yet of a biological female wanting to compete as a male on a men's high school or college sports team?

Anonymous said...

Isn’t it ironic boys that think they are girls want to play girl sports, but girl that think they are boys aren’t trying to play boys sports.
It’s almost like they realize there is a difference.
Only 2 genders God made Adam and Eve not they them she her him he

PSA don’t forget to get your Covid shot big pharma needs your money for more experiments

Anonymous said...

Christians love to bully trans kids. Not sure Jesus would've though.

Anonymous said...

The good news is transgenderism is growing in acceptance and Christianity is dying out.

Anonymous said...

The Bible: Quite possibly the most harmful book ever foisted upon mankind.

Anonymous said...

The Nazis persecuted trans people. The same type of people persecute them today.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Trans Kids should have the opportunity to live their life free of shame and bullying, but are we bullying Biologically Born Girls and Forcing them to play in the same Sand-Box in Sports as their Trans Counter Parts? Is this Fair?

So should a 6'4" 215lbs Trans Athlete, compete against my 5'5' 115Lbs Daughter Athlete in sanctioned Individual and Team Sports. Do you think the Trans Athlete may have a decisive and unfair advantage?

Again, I am not trying to shame, nor bully, nor persecute, nor take away anyone's rights, but I want an equal playing field for all Student / Professional Athletes.

If we allow this then why we wouldn't just force Girl Athletes or Girl Athletic Teams, to play against their Male Counterparts. The reason of course is that Male Athletes have a decisive and unfair advantage over their Female Counterparts.

So by allowing Trans Athletes, to compete in Girls Individual and Team Sports, are we not Forcing and Bulling, Biological Born Girls and taking away their Rights. We cannot have it both ways!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure it says we were made in his image, nothing about transgenders. Also, if both man and woman are made in his image, doesn't that make your god transgender?

Anonymous said...

Not to get further in to the Religious debate about Transgender, we still are not answering 6:13AM point of view on Trans Athletes in Individual or Team Sports, and is that bullying Biologically Born Girls to have to Play in the same Sand-Box with Trans Athletes? Is that Fair for them, when Biological Males have many unfair advantages?

It would be no different than forcing the Girl's to compete against their Male Individuals or Male Teams counterparts.

Anonymous said...

So if someone wants to believe they are trans etc, Why should I be I have to go along with it when I think it’s delusional? Isn’t t that unfair to me, when I know better.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to read anything in this story or in the comments come anywhere close to bullying trans people. Please tell what has been said that equates to bullying?

Anonymous said...

If they want Trans rights or whatever then they should build their own schools.

Anonymous said...

If they want black rights or whatever then they should build their own schools.

How does that sound? @8:26