Monday, May 20, 2024

Carthage couple charged, investigation continues after 4 children found living in cockroach-infested, feces covered 1-bedroom home

(The post has been changed to note that charges have also been filed against James Cochran.
The Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney's office filed four felony counts of child abuse or neglect Friday against Carrie Jo Coleman (DOB 1986) and James Robert Cochran (DOB 1988).

The charges came one month after the Carthage Police Department investigated reports of unlivable conditions for four children at the Colemans' home in the 300 block of Clinton.

From the probable cause statement:

Upon entering the house, I detected a strong odor of feces and rotten food emitting from the interior of the house. I contacted Carrie Cochran inside the home. I observed large piles of dirty clothes, trash, utensils, toys, dishes, and electronic equipment that were stacked approximately three to four feet high through the house in every corner of the house.

Asingle pathway,varying 1-3 feet wide was the only walkway available throughout the house. On the uncovered portions of the tile, I observed large, flattened spots of dog feces, urine, rotting food, dirt, and a film of unknown substance that caused the floors to be slippery. 

 I observed the kitchen counterspaceto be completely covered by dirty dishes, including the sink making it impossible to dispense water from. I detected an overwhelming odor of rotting food and feces smell emitting from the kitchen that was stronger than the rest of the house. 

The kitchen also contained a large swarm of flies and I located alive and dead cockroaches. The fridge did contain food, however most of it was frozen. I was unable to locate a microwave or oven in the house that would have made it possible to prepare the frozen food. 

The single bathroom of the house contained a single toilet, however, the sink was unreachable due to ebris and the tub was filled with a portable clothes washer and contained further debris and clothes that prevented the tub and shower from being used. 

Three of four beds within the house were covered in stains and dirt. No clean clothes were able to be located. Victim one was located without any clothes, including no diaper, and was unable to locate any diapers in the residence. 

School resource officers were contacted and advised that victim one and two both have missed school on multiple occasions.

 A total of four adults and four children under seventeen are living in a one-bedroom house. It was determined that this is an ongoing issue, with Cochran having multiple hot line reports and is currently undergoing review from children's division in regards to unlivable conditions of the home.

The probable cause statement for Cochran, the owner of the house, noted that he gave Carthage Police permission to enter the home and that multiple hotline reports had been received about Cochran.


Anonymous said...

Carrie Jo Coleman and James Robert Cochran, what is wrong with these people? Living in such squalor, with children. You do not have to be rich to keep yourself and your children clean, or your house clean and picked up.

These people are just lazy and lack self-respect of themselves and others. If there is a landlord they need to check up on their property too. These Kids need to be around responsible adults so they stop picking up these lazy habits, missing school, and living like animals.

I am surprised that they did not find drugs. I hope they are not living off the Government, since there are so many Companies out there hiring and cannot find workers today.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure your house is perfectly clean 🤡

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:46PM, another comment lacking in intelligence. "Perfectly Clean", does not describe the Filth and Squalor, these people are living in and forcing their children to grow up in.

The Article clearly states the house is in total disarray, trash throughout, with odors, dog feces, dirty dishes, rotten food, piles of dirty clothes, swarms of flies, unable to get to the bathroom sink and tube, frozen food in the refrigerator, yet electronic equipment in all corners stacked 3' plus high and yet one of the victims had no clean clothes or diapers. Do you think this is a clean house???

To answer your question my house is clean, we take pride and have self-respect in ourselves and our property. Again, it does not take a lot of money or time to maintain personal hygiene, pickup and organize and clean up after yourselves and your animals. Turn off your TV, your Phone, your Music, your Gameplaying, whatever is keeping you from keeping your house picked up and yourself and children clean and feed - get off your butts and do something.

I hope you do not define your House 3:46PM or you're cleaning or hygiene methods, in a similar squalor manner.