Friday, May 10, 2024

City of Joplin to have controlled burn of tree limbs from tornado

(From the City of Joplin)

Joplin City staff will begin a controlled burn on Monday, May 13, to reduce the tornado tree limbs brought to the City's drop-off site. 

 The burn pit will be in a designated area that meets the parameters provided by the Joplin Fire Department and is not near the public drop-off area.


The City utilizes a controlled burn to manage extremely large amounts of debris, typically following a mass collection effort after a severe weather disaster. A burn was used after the 2007 ice storm and the 2011 tornado that impacted our community forest.

The controlled burn, considered non-hazardous due to the debris being solely tree limbs and clean vegetation, will only occur when weather conditions are suitable. Citizens may see smoke from this northwest Joplin location during this time. The burn site is closed to the public, and the City discourages sightseers from approaching the site for safety reasons.

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