Thursday, May 30, 2024

Woman sues Webb City R-7 School District after fall on icy handicapped ramp

A Webb City woman filed a personal injury lawsuit against the Webb City R-7 School District Wednesday in Jasper County Circuit Court.

According to the petition, Bridget Blevins claims she suffered injuries to her right hip, right leg and lower back when she slipped and fell on an icy handicapped ramp while delivering groceries to Webb City Middle School November 2, 2022.

The injuries, the petition claims, have cost her past and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, inconvenience and loss of enjoyment of life.

Blevins is asking for damages and costs.

Blevins is represented by Brandon C. Potter of Aaron Sachs and Associates, P. C., Springfield.


Anonymous said...

More Slip and Fall Lawsuits, and an Attorney around every corner to jump out of the bushes to sue everyone, and no one is ever personally responsible for themselves always somebody else's fault.

Is this the same - Bridget Linette Blevins, that Filed for Bankruptcy in 2021 - Came we say Payday, if it is her, will she pay her Creditors back with any type of Settlement - NO, OF COURSE NOT.

So she sues Webb City School District now when the incident happened in November 2, 2022?

Anonymous said...

Yes, at 8:28. These lawsuits often take a long time to process, you should look this kind of thing up before you start typing and look silly.

Also, how do you know this person didn't spend the better part of a year or more exhausting her own resources to take care of this?

Considering you have disdain for this woman, what kind of ridiculous nonsense would you spout had a handicapped person been injured on the slippery handicap ramp?

Anonymous said...

"Came we say payday"? 🤡

Anonymous said...

7:48AM - I did look up the Case - Case Number: 24AO-CC00184, DID YOU - Apparently You did Not, the Case was Filed on May 29, 2024 - that is One Year and Six Months after the Incident. Was she interviewing Lawyers for a Year and a Half?

This has nothing to do with Gender, Does anyone take responsibility for themselves, is it always somebodies else's Fault? Did she Trip carrying to many Groceries, What type of Shoes did she have on, does she have lack of physical ability, lack of mobility or lack of balance. These issues should be totally on her, why should someone else have to pay for someone else's issues.

If I am walking down a trail and trip and fall on a rock, should I sue the State or Federal Government if it is a National Park - this again is why we have so many Ambulance Chasing Attorneys and such High Liability Insurance on everything - Nobody takes responsibility for their own Actions - So everyone else has to be responsible and pay for other's stupidity.

Maybe the next time I fall shoveling my own driveway after it snows - should I Sue myself and have the Insurance Company cover it or better yet - 7:48AM, give me your address and a group of us will come over and Shovel your Driveway, by the way - who is Insurance Provider and what are your Insurance Limits?

Again, Is this the same - Bridget Linette Blevins, that Filed for Bankruptcy in 2021 - Came we say Payday, if it is her, will she pay her Creditors back with any type of Settlement - NO, OF COURSE NOT.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure you're addicted to indignation.

Anonymous said...

7:05AM, The majority of the public are just tired of people using the System and Never taking responsibility for themselves. We feel sorry for Mrs. Blevins, and hope she recuperates, but why should we be financial responsible if someone falls, carrying heavy or to many sacks of food, or because they wore shoes not made for the ice or snow, or had physical, mobility or balance issues. Yes, we all pay when one of these lawsuits takes place in higher insurance or other liability issues, or taxes. Yes, we all pay for them!