Thursday, May 16, 2024

Joplin man charged with sexually assaulting, kidnapping man

A Joplin man will be arraigned 8:30 a.m. Friday in Jasper County Circuit Court on two counts of sodomy, kidnapping and domestic assault.

The charges were filed against Michael Donovan Roland (DOB 1986) in connection with a relationship that began with consensual sex but that changed, according to the probable cause statement:

I proceeded to contact Victim 1, whom I observed to have multiple bruises and marks on him, including red marks and bruising around his left eye and temple, bruises on his neck, bruising and scrapes on his left arm, scratches on his right hand, and bruising on his left ribcage. 

Victim 1 reported that he met the suspect known as "Monkey" and went with him to a residence in Jasper County, MO on or around 05/05/2024, where they initially had consensual sexual encounters.

 Michael Donovan Roland is known to use "Monkey" as it is a documented nickname for him. Victim 1 later identified "Monkey" as Michael Donovan Roland when presented with a photo line-up. 

Victim 1 reported that on 05/07/2024 between approximately 0000 hours and 0100 hours, Victim 1 was asleep on a bed when he woke up to Michael {having sex with him}.

The alleged victim managed to stop the sex, but then "Michael wrapped his arms around Victim 1's neck and choked him. He described that he couldn't breathe, but never lost conciousness before Michael stopped, apologized, and went to sleep."

The probable cause statement says that was not the only attack.

Victim 1 described another incident at the same residence on 05/08/2024 between approximately 1000 and 1100 hours. Victim 1 stated he was trying to leave, and Michael refused to allow him to leave. Victim 1 advised he was in the driveway, actively attempting to walk away and Michael told him he couldn't leave until he performed oral sex on Michael or allowed Michael to {have intercourse with him.}. Victim 1 stated he declined, so Michael began striking Victim 1 with punches, kicking him into a thornbush, and hitting him with a rock. Victim 1 said Michael didn't stop hurting him until Victim 1 allowed him to do what he wanted. (The sex act was described in the statement.)

Victim 1 said that between 05/07/2024 and 05/08/2024, he never gave consent to sexual acts. Victim 1 told me the only way he got away from Michael was by lying to Michael about what time he got off work, so he could leave before Michael got there.

On 05/15/2024, I interviewed Michael Roland. During post-Miranda interview, Michael said he had consensual sexual encounters with Victim 1 on one night sometime between 05/10/2024 and 05/12/2024. 

Although this was after I saw Victim 1 with the marks and bruising, Michael denied Victim 1 having any marks or bruising during their interactions and said that he left Michael's presence without marks or bruising. Michael denied any violence and also denied any nonconsensual sex.

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