Saturday, June 03, 2006

Aurora man's racist newspaper distributed in California

It didn't take long for white supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller to bounce back from a federal court ruling that ended his hopes on having his name on the Democratic ballot for Seventh District Congress in the August primary.
One day after the ruling was made, copies of Miller's racist publication, The White Patriot Leader, were distributed to at least 16 homes and likely many more in Costa Mesa, Calif., according to an article in the Costa Mesa Daily Pilot.
"That's just vile. That has no place in our community," resident Jeff Diercksmeier, told the newspaper. Apparently, much of the content was geared toward the immigration issue with a front page headline loudly proclaiming, "Invasion!" and photos from the recent immigrant rallies.
In the article, a representative of the Southern Poverty Law Center speculates that the Costa Mesa City Council's recent decision to train police for immigration enforcement could have been the reason for the distribution.
According to the newspaper, the publication included articles by Miller, and former KKK leader David Duke, as well as a recommended reading list which included "Mein Kampf," and "The Turner Diaries," a racist novel that supposedly inspired Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.


Anonymous said...

(sigh) Its not bad enough that he distributes this garbage in Missouri; he has to attack California as well?

Randy said...

Unfortunately, people like Miller are taking the debate over immigration as a signal that anyone who opposes immigrants believes the way he and his people do.

Anonymous said...

How dare he exercise his first amendment rights like this! Doesn't he understand that the constitutional right to freedom of expression was really meant for La Raza and the JDL? White people need to quietly sit back and lose their history and identity so others can preserve theirs. Anything less than that is racism.

Anchorage Activist said...

You may consider the newspaper "vile", but what's more "vile" is the deleterious effect mass immigration has upon our social services and upon public order. Furthermore, when immigrants group together to beg for jobs at "day labor centers", they drive down wages. To afford these slave wages, they must cram themselves 5-6 at a time into dinky little bedsitter apartments. Don't you think that's a little more "vile"? I'll bet if you lived on the front lines in Southern California instead of tucked away in the Heartland you might be a bit more open-minded.

Oh, and The White Patriot Leader is hardly a local rag. Over 150,000 copies have been printed and are being distributed nationwide, even as far as Alaska. Another 40,000 will be ready by June 30th. However, don't take my word for it. Glenn Miller invites all who are interested to call him direct at 417-463-7703. Whatever you might think of his politics, he's not some do-nothing, contribute-nothing computer geek. He's a committed activist who stands behind his philosophy.

Anonymous said...

How dare that California resident object to getting hate dumped in the driveway he's paying taxes on. Who does he think he is anyway?

hint: that's sarcasm....

Just out of curiosity, is overthrowing the U.S. government, ala Timothy McVeigh and Eric Rudolph also on your agenda? If so, I'd be happy to inform the FBI.