Saturday, June 03, 2006

State auditor candidate tops Springfield-area legislators in lobbyists' gifts

Rep. Mark Wright, R-Springfield, one of three Republican state representatives running for state auditor, is no Steve Hunter, but he has accepted more gifts from lobbyists than any other Springfield-area legislator.
Missouri Ethics Commission records show Wright has received $1,301.82 worth of gifts during the first months of 2006, including $484.30 in April, also tops among area representatives.
The former executive director of Friends of Roy Blunt, received $121.62 for meals, food, and beverage from David Klarich, lobbyist for Citizens for Policy Reform, $87.62 for entertainment from Ron Fitzwater, Missouri Pharmacy Association on April 24 and $57 for entertainment from James R. Moody, Carlson Gardner.
On April 14, he received three gifts from lobbyists for Ameren UE, according to the Ethics Commission documents; $59 for entertainment from Michael G. Winter, $5 for meals, food, and beverage from Winter, and $16.88 for meals, food, and beverage from Drue Duncan.
Listed below are other Springfield-area legislators and the amounts they received from lobbyists:
Charles Dake, D-Miller- Dake accepted no gifts from lobbyists.
Michael Parson, R-Bolivar- Parson has accepted $376.92 for 2006, and $37.50 for April, with the biggest amount being a $22.15 meal from David Martin, Empire District Electric Company.
Jim Viebrock, R-Republic- Viebrock is up to $202.38 for the year, with only a $7.25 meal from Chris Liese in April.
Charles Denison, R-Springfield- Denison has accepted $146.02 with $54.94 coming in April. Topping the list was a $33.55 meal from former state representative Bob Jackson, a lobbyist for Springfield City Utilities.
B. J. Marsh, R-Springfield- Marsh has accepted no gifts from lobbyists this year.
Sara Lampe, D-Springfield- Ms. Lampe has received $340.25 in gifts, with $135.88 coming in April. The biggest amount, $50 was for meals, food and beverage from Mary Ellen Ponder, lobbyist for Partnership for Children, Kansas City. Ms. Lampe also received a $30.99 gift from Crystal Williams, Swope Community Enterprises Services and $37.60 for meals, food and beverage from Kyna Iman, Missouri Nurses Association.
Brad Roark, R-Springfield- Roark is the number two Springfield-area legislator in terms of gifts received with $1,106.82, including $128.33 in April. all coming from former state representative Jerry Burch, a $72.56 meal April 10 and one for $55.77 April 26, both in service of the Missouri Hospital Association.
Roark has accepted $333.17 worth of meals from Burch during this calendar year.
Bob Dixon, R-Springfield- Dixon has received $585.19 in gifts, $127.19 coming in April, all from City Utilities of Springfield a $93.64 meal from Arthur Kyle McClure on April 9, and a $33.55 meal from Bob Jackson April 18.
Jay Wasson, R-Nixa- Wasson has accepted no gifts from lobbyists, according to Ethics Commission records.

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