Friday, June 09, 2006

Gaming Commission appointment is big Blunt contributor

You have to hand it to Samuel Hais.
The longtime judge, whose appointment to the Missouri Gaming Commission was announced today by Governor Matt Blunt, has instilled in his family the importance of getting involved in politics.
In fact, his children, Jamie and Jessica, both students, according to Missouri Ethics Commission documents, have joined their parents, Samuel and Susan Hais, in donating thousands of dollars to Missourians for Blunt, the governor's campaign committee.
Ethics Commission disclosure forms indicate that between Hais, his family, and his law firm, Hais, Hais & Kallen, the governor received at least $16,575 between 2003 and 2005.
In 2003, the Hais Group, as the law firm was called in the Ethics Commission documents, gave the maximum (at that time) $1,175. On June 23, 2003, Jamie Hais and Jessica Hais each contributed $1,175. Julie Molise, a lawyer at the Hais firm, donated $1,000, while on March 31, Jessica Hais was credited with an additional $150.
Even more money came from the Hais clan in 2004, when the Hais Group, Jamie Hais, Sam Hais, and Susan Hais all contributed the maximum $1,200 and Ms. Molise chipped in with $1,100.
The year 2005 began with Jessica Hais, student, contributing $1,200 on Jan. 20. The remainder of the Hais money poured forth on March 20, according to the Ethics Commission documents.
On that day, Jamie Hais, student, St. Louis, contributed $1,200; Samuel Hais contributed $200, Susan Hais, inexplicably referred to as "homemaker," even though the Hais firm's website indicates she is the lawyer who started the firm, also gave $1,200, as did the law firm.
In the news release in which he announced Hais' appointment, Blunt said, "Sam Hais will make an excellent gaming commissioner who will provide the kind of oversight Missourians expect over this industry, He has an exceptional legal background which will serve him well in this position."
Hais' background indicates he is qualified for the appointment, which must be confirmed by the Senate. That background without the contributions, however, would most likely leave Hais on the outside looking in.


jessicahais said...

Wow. Who would have ever though Sam Hais would be the next Tom Delay?

By the way, masterful neglection of the fact that both daughters are, in fact, financially autonomous and solvent. Moron.

Anonymous said...

Gaming Commissioner Hais is a solid citizen. Commissioners VOLUNTEER their work free of charge for the good of the State.
Shame on you who use partisan politics to try to tarnish the good works of others.
Maybe YOU should volunteer also...