Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Auditor candidate unveils Safe Schoolyards Initiative

Demnocratic state auditor candidate Susan Montee unveiled her Safe Schoolyards Initiative Tuesday, one day after the shooting incident at Memorial Middle School in Joplin.
The following is taken directly from Ms. Montee's news release:

"From the beginning, my campaign has emphasized the Auditor's role in
educating and protecting Missouri children," Montee said. "From the first
day, we have talked about ensuring that education funds generated by the
lottery go to classrooms and preventing sexual predators from living near
where our children congregate."

"Following the tragedies in Pennsylvania and Colorado, I began formulating a
plan to address the safety needs of Missouri school children," Montee
continued. "With yesterday's events in Joplin, it is apparent that the
public discussion cannot wait another minute."

"If elected, I pledge to implement a 'Safe Schoolyards Initiative.' As part
of the program, we will audit the 'Missouri Safe Schools Act' and other
programs designed to protect Missouri school children."

"The 'Missouri Safe Schools Act,' a bi-partisan effort, was written with the
flexibility to fit the unique needs of individual school districts," Montee

Montee cited three areas of the "Missouri Safe Schools Act" that would be of
particular concern to the office under her leadership:

1. the requirement for a clear, written policy on discipline;
2. reporting requirements for potentially harmful acts on school grounds; and
3. removal of threatening students.

In addition to auditing the performance of the Department of Elementary and
Secondary Education and the Department of Public Safety as they relate to
the "Missouri Safe Schools Act," Montee said she would evaluate local, state
and federal requirements regarding school safety and security planning, and
funding for such activities. Specifically, Montee said she would audit the
Safe Schools Grant program administered by the Department of Elementary and
Secondary Education. Montee would also audit the safety measures taken by
individual school districts when answering citizen petitions.

"As Missouri's Auditor, I will make sure that we are protecting our children
to the best of our ability while leaving the power to make and implement
decisions to local school boards."

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