Saturday, October 28, 2006

Column describes essence of Cardinal fans

Thomas Boswell of The Washington Post is one of the top sports columnists in the country and his take on Friday night's concluding game of the 2006 World Series is probably as accurate a description of what makes St. Louis Cardinals' fans different from those of other teams. Though there is a touch of mild sarcasm to Boswell's column, the column, for the most part, speaks admiringly of the Cardinal faithful:

"As the Cardinals swarmed into a joy scrum near the mound, not one fan -- not o-n-e -- so much as attempted to come onto the sacred field to celebrate. Only Cardinals, their great Cards, ever set foot there. To invade that space would be bad manners. Let David Eckstein, the Series MVP who played with a half-dozen minor injuries, roll in that grass with Jeff Weaver, the winning pitcher, who was acquired as a salary-dump castoff in July. Here, baseball is not only loved, but revered and respected."

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