Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Transcript of Talent-McCaskill Springfield debate offered

I didn't get to watch KY3's debate between U. S. Sen. Jim Talent and his Democratic challenger State Auditor Claire McCaskill Monday night, but it appears from reading the KY3 Blog and the news accounts of the debate that the candidates did not acquit themselves well.
As I noted following the Meet the Press debate, candidates (at the time I singled out Talent, but in this debate it appears to be both of them) are avoiding the questions and working whatever their points are into every answer. It is a shameful practice and judging from the KY3 Blog, it was one that did not fool Missouri voters.

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The Libertarian Guy said...

None of the televised events are "debates", as only half of the statwide-ballot candidates were present.

The KY3 event, like the MTP Russert snoozefest, was nothing but a pair of thirty-minute campaign infomercials. And some of us don't want the product McTalent is selling.