Sunday, October 08, 2006

If Democrats take House, Skelton will launch investigation into military contract abuses

If the Democratic Party regains the House next month, Fourth District Congressman Ike Skelton, who will assume the reins of the Armed Services Committee, promises to investigate abuses of military contracts:

Beyond investigations, Skelton said if he becomes Armed Services Committee chairman, he would emphasize military readiness, particularly of the Army and Marine Corps, where readiness of non-deployed units has dropped sharply and whose chiefs have complained to lawmakers about needing billions of dollars more in their budgets for repairing and replacing war-damaged equipment.
“I am really concerned about the readiness of our armed forces. Should another contingency arise, will we be ready for it?” Skelton said.
As committee chairman, Skelton said he would stress “taking care of soldiers and their families,” from medical care to better armor and jammers to thwart improvised explosive devices in Iraq.

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