Monday, October 09, 2006

News-Leader editorial: Republicans should not be so quick to gloat over license fee office announcement

An editorial in today's Springfield News-Leader takes the Missouri Republican Party to task for gloating over last week's announcement that the governor has been cleared in connection with the investigation of the awarding of license fee office contracts:

As we said in this space previously, and as we believe the record still shows, the fee-office practice of handing over sometimes lucrative offices to private contractors who make a profit off the selling of driver's licenses is a practice that reflects poorly on the state. The offices are all too often awarded to political allies of the governor, and that opens the door to potential ethical abuses.

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Unknown said...

Privatization of the License Offices - good idea. - Less hassle, less lines, nicer people- all a good thing.

Giving the contracts to buddies- bad idea. -Buddies getting rich over this decision- abuse of power.