Saturday, October 28, 2006

Springfield church may be kicked out of

University Heights Baptist Church in Springfield is one of 18 churches that may be expelled from the Missouri Baptist Convention when that group meets next week in Cape Girardeau.
Associated Baptist Press reports the churches are being expelled because their moderate approach is not in step with the conservative churches which run the convention.


Anonymous said...

Its beginning to look like the old Hitler Cult is losing its followers. I love it when the Baptists/Repugs start fighting each other. Just look around now and see how many varieties of Baptist Churches you will find. Dozens of them, one on every County road in this area. We went to one years ago in a rural area. At Christmastime, all hell broke loose in the kitchen among the women (sisters) over who was going to sack the candy. Maybe someday people will wake up and shun their cult following.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. It's all about MAN MADE RULES.