Thursday, October 26, 2006

Champion: Voters are tired of debates

Sen. Norma Champion has created a novel new argument in her attempt to steer away from a debate with challenger Doug Harpool- voters are tired of debates. At least that is what she told KY3 reporter Dave Catanese.

When I asked Champion why she would not agree to a debate with Harpool, she said voters "are sick of them." "You can talk to anyone about the Talent-McCaskill debates, they said they didn't learn anything. They are not very useful. They set up a platform for one candidate to distract attention to another candidate. They get to be name-calling kinds of things," Champion said.

Apparently, she will be involved in one whether she wants to be or not, according to KY3's political blog.

The debate, or at least everyone except Ms. Champion refers to it as a debate, is scheduled for tonight at Glendale High School in Springfield.

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Anonymous said...

The National Journal published the results of an interesting academic study back in 2000 that demonstrated that voters find debates the most useful form of information for making voting decisions. Reporting of campaign tactics (i.e. "horse-race" coverage of campaigns--polls, money, etc.) came in dead last.