Monday, October 30, 2006

Hensley outspending Bartosh during campaign's final days

Danny Hensley, write-in candidate for Jasper County presiding commissioner, raised more than $12,000 during the first three weeks of October, according to the eight days before election report filed today with the Missouri Ethics Commission. He has spent $9,284.37, the report indicated.
Among those contributing to Hensley were:
Dean Peterson, Kansas City, $650; Larry and Elizabeth Deffenbaugh, Carthage, $250; Charles Compton, Joplin, $250; John and Sharon Stevens, Carthage, $120; Sue Vandergriff, Carthage, $200; Ray Grace, Carthage, $500; John Lewis, Sarcoxie, $200; Michael and Sally Randolph, Carthage, $500; Larry McGuire, Carthage, $250; Curtis Garner, Carthage, $500; Richard and Ruth Rubison, Carthage, $650; Ron Mitchell, attorney, Joplin, $200; Bob and Jo Ferguson, Carthage, $300; Linda Kinney, Carthage, $200; Karl and Cathi Glassman, Carthage, $250; and Glenn Wilson, Joplin, $200.
Hensley's disclosure report also noted that most of his money, $8,575, came from a fundraiser held by Richard and Ruth Rubison, Carthage, but that $3,755 came in amounts of $100 or less from person whose names and addresses are not listed.

The only candidate whose name will be on the ballot, Carthage businessman John Bartosh, who defeated James Spradling and incumbent Chuck Surface in the August Republican primary, received $2,425 in contributions during the first three weeks of October and spent $4,944.95, leaving him with $229.37.

Out of the money coming into the Bartosh campaign, $1,500 was from a loan to himself, while David Knost, Carthage, contributed $500, and former State Representative Mark Elliott, Webb City, and the law firm of Collins, Webster, and Rouse, Joplin, each contributed $200.

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