Saturday, October 28, 2006

Truman says he is closing in on Blunt

While he makes a legitimate point about the lack of media coverage of his candidacy, Democratic candidate Jack Truman obviously needs a lesson in how to read public opinion polls. In a news release from his campaign today, Truman said:

"In the remaining Republican controlled Districts around the country, Democratics are within 2 percentage points in safe Republican districts. So, with 10 days to go, according to national polls, I trail Majority Whip incumbent Roy Blunt by only 2 points."

Hmm. Now that is an interesting way of looking at things.

In the news release, Truman asks supporters to buy political advertising for him in the area's major newspapers:

"We have 2 major newspapers in this conservative district: the Joplin Globe in Joplin, Missouri and the Springfield News Leader in Springfield, Missouri. I am speaking to everyone out there. If there is any way that anyone could afford to contact one of these local papers and put in an ad for our campaign, please do. Any advertising in the last few days will make a difference. My party is not providing any financial help with a long shot race in a conservative district. But public opinion has changed. Currently, most Southwest Missouri voters have no idea they have a choice for change in Congress."

Let me see if I am understanding this news release. Most voters do not know they have a choice, but Truman has pulled to within two points. That must be one heck of a guerilla campaign.

While I still firmly believe the coverage of the Seventh District Congressional race has been disgraceful, it seems clear that added coverage would not benefit Jack Truman's campaign.


Anonymous said...

So, now you have added political pundit to your resume? Should you probably make a disclosure about your political slant , now that are offering political analysis and opinion based upon that analysis? Wouldn't want to give anyone the impression that you are reporting news or anything like that.

Randy said...

What in the world are you talking about? It makes common sense that a candidate who claims to be two percentage points behind Blunt based on a poll that has nothing to do with his race, and then in the next paragraph asks for money because no one knows that he is running, would not benefit from media scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

I am no great fan of Roy or his boy, but honestly, do we want someone as stupid as Jack Truman in the House? If he misinterprets polls this badly, what would he do on issues that really matter? A change is badly needed, but not with someone whose IQ is barely above room temperature!

Anonymous said...

Truman is a bona fide fruitcake! This "independent filmmaker" is best known for his flick, "Film Sex Grandma" featuring his mom in the starring role. He "pastors" a virtual church for vegans whose motto is "all species are created equal". He is single--and for good reason. Who would marry this guy? With only $200 against Blunt's $2 mil he expects to win? How he got the Democratic nomination, I'll never understand--guess he was the only person willing to sacrifice a career in politics running against a powerful incumbent like Blunt! Can't the Dems come up with someone more viable as a candidate? I might consider someone who was not a few fries short of a Happy Meal.