Sunday, October 08, 2006

Messenger challenges Viebrock on Medicaid quotes

Springfield News-Leader editorial page editor and columnist Tony Messenger had a recent run-in with Rep. Jim Viebrock, which he details in today's edition. Apparently, Viebrock does not care for being reminded of things he has said in the past:

Viebrock swore, up and down, in print no less, that not a single person would be hurt by the Medicaid cuts. Not one.

"When it all shakes out, no one will be harmed. In fact, I would venture to say that not a single individual who truly needs services would even miss one benefit, payment or service," he wrote in his weekly e-mail newsletter to constituents.

Viebrock's message wasn't much different than the GOP party line at the time. It was all about rooting out fraud and abuse, even though the legislature has yet to truly address either of those issues. But Viebrock took the rhetoric to an absurd level.

No one will get hurt.

"Despite what you have read, seen or heard, no one who actually needs help from the Department of Social Services will miss a single payment," he wrote. "No one will be abandoned."

That's what he said.

And when challenged, he compared a certain columnist (that would be me) to terrorists.

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