Thursday, November 23, 2006

Arrest will re removed from Surface's record

Against the wishes of special prosecuting attorney Robert E. George of Lawrence County, the DWI conviction of Jasper County Presiding Commissioner Chuck Surface will be removed from the books after he has completed his probation, according to an article in today's Joplin Globe:

It was not discussed in the courtroom, but George after the hearing said he had recommended a $300 fine, a 30-day suspended sentence and a year of probation. Under a suspended sentence, the conviction would remain on the record permanently.

Apparently, Surface's two days of shock prison time won't include much of a shock. He won't be near any of the other prisoners:

Sheriff Archie Dunn said Wednesday that Surface would be kept in a holding cell, away from other prisoners, for the two days. "He'll be booked in just like anyone else, but he will not be put in the general population," the sheriff said. "This is a safety issue; this is a profession, like police officers, where you wouldn't mix them in with the other prisoners."

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Anonymous said...

Nice attention to use of headlines Randy.

"Arrest will be re removed from Surface's record."

How many years did it take to edit your "book."