Thursday, November 30, 2006

News Leader: Guest House owners didn't check wiring in Carl Junction

No electrical wiring inspections were conducted at the Carl Junction Guest House between 2001 and 2004, according to an article posted today on the Springfield News-Leader website. The Carl Junction facility is officially owned by River of Life Ministries, though everything uncovered by authorities and reporters indicates convicted felon Robert Dupont, 62, Joplin, has been calling the shots at area Guest Houses, including the Anderson Guest House, which was destroyed by a fire that took 10 lives.
The article by Tracy Swartz includes the following passage:

Such inspections should be conducted every two years, but investigators in June 2004 found the wiring had not been reviewed since November 2001. Other fire safety hazards were noted. Officials said Wednesday they found improperly spliced wiring in the Anderson Guest House, which may have sparked Monday's deadly blaze. Authorities continued Thursday to probe the cause of the fire and any negligence by the facility's owners.

I have been surprised that the News-Leader has not examined Dupont's connection with the failed Springfield Guest House, which I detailed in the Nov. 27 Turner Report.

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Anonymous said...

Good point, Randy. If the SNL used the Springfield connection I bet they would generate a lot more local interest in this travesty. And what better way than to reference your investigative work.