Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Missouri minimum wage will go up

There seems to be no doubt about it. With more than two-thirds of the precincts in, the minimum wage hike, Proposition B, is winning in an overwhelming fashion.
The proposal has received 1,107,179 yes votes, 74.6 percent, to 377,014 votes or 25.4 percent.

Stem Cell Research

Amendment 2, the stem cell research issue is still close to call with 763,247 no votes, 51.1 percent, and 733,546 yes votes, 48.9 percent.

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Anonymous said...

And here we go. Can all of you out there say INFLATION? That is exactly what the wage hike will do for all of you. If you remember anything about your economics classes you will know that a hike of nearly 30% will cause a huge stagnation in the economy. Great job.