Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Talent, Montee maintain leads

Sen. Jim Talent and Democratic state auditor candidate Susan Montee continue to lead their respective races with approximately two-thirds of the votes counted.
Mr. Montee, in her first try at statewide office, has received 50.8 percent of the vote, 740,594, to 45.3 percent, 659,818 for Republican candidate Sandra Thomas.

Talent has managed to hold his lead for a quite a while, and now has 749,489 votes, 49.8 percent, to 703,243 votes for State Auditor Claire McCaskill, 46.8 percent.
Democratic party officials in Missouri say the remaining precincts, with the exception of Jasper County of course, are likely to favor Ms. McCaskill, and the Republicans' biggest stronghold, Greene County, is in. This race is definitely going to get tighter before the evening is over.

At the same time, if the Democratic party officials' assessment of what remains is correct, it doesn't look good for Sandra Thomas' chances of staging a comeback in the auditor race.

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