Thursday, November 16, 2006

NARAL message to Emery: Women are not brood mares for employers

Leave it to NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri to make Rep. Ed Emery's outrageous personal additions to his Immigration Committee report seem almost logical.
Emery, a Lamar Republican, inserted a brief note in the committee report blaming abortion for Missouri's problems with illegal immigration. Apparently, he indicated this did not come up until a hearing at Joplin though a Turner Report post had already noted him talking about it following a hearing in Springfield.
As we should have expected, the NARAL group is lambasting Emery for his opinion that if there were no abortions, there would be so many workers we not have to hire illegals:

NARAL's response included the following passage:

"Apparently, the Special Committee has concluded that poor people on public assistance who were not aborted (possibly because there is no federal or state funding for poor women's abortions) are too lazy to work," the statement said. "Presumably, the aborted fetuses would all have been industrious engines of commerce. We call on Speaker Jetton and Chairman Ed Emery to retract the committee report that has made the 'Show Me State' the 'What's That? State' to the rest of the thinking world, and to apologize to the women of Missouri for demeaning them as brood mares for the state."

All we needed to remove all common sense from this controversy is to make it pro-abortion vs. anti-abortion. The issue is one man placing his personal view, not backed by any evidence, and not featured in any testimony during numerous public hearings, into a report on a serious issue.
This is something that pro-lifers (and as I have written before, I am one) understand. Having a one-issue group like NARAL chime in, is going to make it seem like the only issue is abortion. Emery trivialized an important issue by dragging in an irrelevant observation. All NARAL has done is to trivialize it further.

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