Tuesday, November 21, 2006

MSU agreement with Christian student filed in federal court

The settlement between Emily Brooker, the former Missouri State University student who sued the university after a professor required her and other students in her social work class to write letters to the Missouri General Assembly favoring gay adoption, and the university was filed today in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri.
As the Springfield News-Leader reported earlier, the university agreed to:

• Clear Brooker's official record of the Social Work Level 3 review referenced in the complaint.

• Pay Brooker an amount of $9,000 and she will be responsible for her own legal fees.

• Waive academic fees at Missouri State University, or in lieu thereof, reimburse an amount equal to two years of degree work toward a Master of Social Work degree (or a graduate degree of equivalent length) at any public institution in the state, which is estimated at approximately $12,000, plus Brooker will receive $3,000 per year in living expense for two years of graduate education.


Anonymous said...

Please read Voice of the Day in the Sunday Newsleader dated November 19th. It is written by a professor who has been the head of two social work departments. It gives insight into why some departments have difficulty with teaching diversity.

Anonymous said...

Good advice. It's an excellent article. There is a definate problem at many universities, including MSU, regarding the definition of diversity. Those who push diversity the hardest often don't realize that they have the least tolerance for those with different beliefs. Southerners, men, and Christians are too often fair game for prejudice and bigotry. It's getting tiresome.