Friday, April 20, 2007

Devil's Messenger signing is tomorrow

Final preparations are underway for the first Joplin signing of my novel, Devil's Messenger. I have enjoyed reading the e-mails the past several days from people telling me they will be at the signing, telling me they wish they could be there but can't, and even the ones in which the writers let me know in no uncertain terms what I can do with my book signing.

The book will be available for $13.95, and last time I was at Hastings, there were still a few copies of the first book, Small Town News, on sale for $14.95.

I look forward to the opportunity to visit with some of you for a while.


Anonymous said...

nobody cares

Anonymous said...

Yes they do. You are jealous because you can't write. Go Randy!!!

Anonymous said...

I, like most others with any sense, don't care either. What a joke.