Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blunt: Farber appointment had nothing to do with his contributions

In the play-for-pay game known as Missouri politics, it should come as no surprise that Governor Matt Blunt says his appointment of Neosho banker Rudy Farber to the State Highway Commission had nothing whatsoever to do with Farber's $50,000 campaign contribution to Blunt only a few days before.
The Columbia Tribune's political reporter Jason Rosenbaum has the governor's comment on his blog:

Today a news conference to talk about a commission set to study safety at college campuses, Blunt told reporters that the contribution had nothing to do with Farber's appointment.

"I think that’s the partisan quibbling you might expect," Blunt said.

The governor said that Farber was a well-respected community member passionate about economic development and transportation. He also noted that Farber is the first person ever from Newton County to serve on the commission and the first person in several decades to come from that region.

"I think he’s going to add a lot," Blunt said. "This is a fine person, a great public servant. And he’s going to engage in this act of public service."

When asked whether it was unseemly that Farber received the appointment after providing tens of thousands of dollars to Blunt’s campaign, the governor said, "He’s obviously a long-time supporter of my effort."

“I’m proud to have his support," Blunt said. "I just think that one thing was not connected to the other thing."

The most worrisome thing is that the governor is not even slightly embarrassed by how this appointment appears. And he used the same tired partisan politics response that politicians always use when they have no real argument to bolster their cause.


Anonymous said...

I think it has everything to do with Farber's contributions - his contributions to his community. Farber is a well-respected leader in Neosho. He has an outstanding education yet made the rare step of returning and dedicated his life to his hometown. He has personally been involved downtown improvements long before DREAM. Yes, money plays a role in politics. And, yes, the Blunt administration is corrupt. They may see $$$$ when they think of Farber. He sees an opportunity to help Newton County.

Anonymous said...

I feel that my political veiws are most likely not the same as Mr. Farber's, but do I fell strongly that his contributions to the Neosho community are of great benefit to all of us. I think his intentions are to make this area a better place for everyone and I applaud his recent appointment.

Anonymous said...

I think I might puke.