Friday, April 20, 2007

GateHouse paper runs article on CEO's salary

In a refreshing change of pace for any small or medium-sized newspaper, the Peoria, Ill. Journal-Star, a GateHouse Media publication, ran an article today revealing how much compensation their company's CEO, Michael Reed, received in 2006.
As first noted in The Turner Report, Reed, formerly the CEO of Community Newspaper Holdings, owners of the Joplin Globe, made more than $6.4 million in 2006.

GateHouse Media owns The Carthage Press, Neosho Daily News, Big Nickel and the Neosho Post in this area.


Billy Dennis said...


I had already linked to YOUR much longer post on the subject, and the JS knew that. The article was nothing more than a regurgitation of the GateHouse proxy statement. No doubt they printed that space but of info so it would look like the were trying to hide something.

You are not going to read one critical word about GateHouse in the PJS. Reed is buried up to his neck in the Hollinger/Conrad Black mess, but you won't see any coverage in the JS about THAT either.

These guys are real brave when they go after public servants with whom they have a disagreements. They are as transparent as a brick wall abotu anything else.

GateHouse will soon reveal itself as another Hollinger.

Anonymous said...

The article was all BS. Just a dig at the corporate guys just becasue the editor was trying to show a littly moxy. I'll bet he (the editor) got it wrong, too. Where's the reporting that justifies the space?
Perhaps GateHouse is a very large, diverse media company deserving of good leadership and resultant compensation. Operating small to medium size newspapers in 18 or 19 states can't be a piece of cake especially with SOX breathing down ones necks.
Peoria Pundit must be a bitter SOB. An unrequited journalist. From what I've read, the only similarities between Hollinger and GateHouse is that they both owned small newspapers. Hollinger certainly didn't bear the stare of SOX like GateHouse, nor was their stock as widely held.
To my way of thinking, I'd rather know the salary of the editor, ad manger and publisher along with the union stewards at the paper. I'll bet they have great gigs, too.

Anonymous said...

How much you think Chip Watson and the other Joplin Daily big wigs (Rodney Blaukat, etc.) made while John Hacker did all the hard work and earned only enough to pay for a bag of chips? I'm guessing they were in front of him in the grocery line buying steak...must be nice to crap on your community and earn a killing doing it. Joplin Daily crapped on our city of Joplin.

Anonymous said...

Chip Watson and Rodney Blaukat were responding to a need in the community when they published Joplin It is too bad that it was not financially supported from the community, like it was promised to be. So these gentlemen did not "crap" on the community. They supported the community and gave it what it asked for. As for compensation, I know for a fact that Hacker earned more than enough to buy more than " a bag of chips" and was given every opportunity to succeed. Sounds like a sore loser to me.