Monday, April 30, 2007

Carthage Press general manager apologizes for "humor"

In his second column, for The Carthage Press, newly-minted General Manager/Editor Buzz Ball apologized for the first one.

In the column, headlined "Eating some crow," Ball wrote:

"In my introductory column last week, I made the comment that I was looking forward to becoming a Carthageinian or Carthage-ite, whatever you call yourselves. In my feeble attempt at humor, I misspelled Carthaginian. I have been reminded of my mistake a few times this past week through e-mails, blogs and phone calls.

"Yes, I could have looked up the word or even asked someone. But my excuse is 'I didn't.' There was no intention to offend anyone, but I realize that your first impression of me as the general manager and editor of The Carthage Press was not a good one."


Anonymous said...

Buzzy we weren't impressed with your work at the Neosho Daily either.......hope Carthage likes you better than we did!

Anonymous said...

"Yes, I could have looked up the word or even asked someone. But my excuse is 'I didn't.'"

Words you want to hear from an editor. What else will he let slide? Give me an editor who wants "accuracy, accuracy, accuracy" and "If your mom says she loves you - check it out."

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this is what we should expect. If Buzz were a hot-shot editor, he wouldn't be working for $30,000 in Carthage, Missouri, now would he? You could what you pay for is the old "buzz."