Thursday, April 19, 2007

O'Sullivan name may disappear from Sauder products

It probably should have been expected, but there is a strong possibility that before long the O'Sullivan brand name will be consigned to history.
An article in Tuesday's Toledo Blade indicates Sauder Woodworking, the company that announced the purchase of many of O'Sullivan Industries' prime assets Monday, does not have any allegiance to the O'Sullivan name:

Mr. Sauder said the two firms have similar office and home furniture products, but O'Sullivan had Coleman garage furniture and it gave the Archbold firm merchandise access to Lowe's. The Coleman name will continue, and the O'Sullivan name will be used at least for now on some furniture, he said.

That does not sound like a ringing endorsement.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they will at least keep the shamrock. You have to hold true to symbolism.

Carl's Jr. bought out Hardee's, kept the stores in the midwest name Hardee's but incorperated the Carl's Jr. star.

I can dream, can't I.