Monday, April 30, 2007

Frontier justice bill set for final vote

The House will have the third reading for Sen Jack Goodman's frontier justice bill Tuesday.
The bill will be handled by Rep. Marilyn Ruestman, R-Joplin, who filed a similar bill earlier this year. The bill will give Missourians what they have already had- the right to protect themselves with deadly force when their lives are on the line.

Ms. Ruestman and Goodman, a Mount Vernon Republican, claim this bill was filed in response to requests from throngs of people (In her weekly column, Ms. Ruestman even said a throng of people testified in favor of her bill.). The main people pushing this unnecessary legislation are the officials of the National Rifle Association. Both Ms. Ruestman and Goodman claim the bill will prevent nuisance lawsuits against people who defend themselves with deadly force. Goodman acknowledges no such case has ever occurred in southwest Missouri and neither he nor Ms. Ruestman has ever cited one specific lawsuit of this sort happening anywhere in the state.

This is unnecessary and quite possibly dangerous legislation.


Anonymous said...

This is the same old worn out comments we heard about the conceal and carry law. Crime will increase, shootings will increase, bla bla bla.
I remember Police Chief Linn Rowe in Springfield making his campaign against conceal and carry and he made a remark to the effect, "If conceal and carry passes, we won't be able to tell the good guys from the bad guys". As if they could before??? Let someone break into my house and you will see what happens. If I can reach a pistol at the head of my bed, the intruder will have his hands full, or more like his gut full.

Anonymous said...


It is unfortunate that you are teaching our young children considering your apparent lack of insight (or ability for original thought). Please, RANDY TURNER, tell us the REAL REASON you no longer teach in Diamond?

Anonymous said...

Somebody get on here quick and blame KSNF!!
Or call them "Deathstar"...
That'll show 'em!!!
Or attempt to argue ownership laws approved years ago by FCC and Congress. Or talk about KODE's new website!

Of course this has no relevance to the blog subject. I just felt a good rant coming on and it doessn't seem like the last pissed-off commentator could tell the difference between reality and Evan Willias or whatever he/she was ranting about.
Always attack the speaker - that'll rattle 'em! Cast that first stone! Sounds like AM talk radio or something.
As Junior Soprano would say "Freakin' Idiot!"