Saturday, April 07, 2007

Joplin Tri-State Business celebrates one year in business

Almost overlooked in the Joplin news battles has been the continued success of Joplin Tri-State Business, which celebrated one year with its current issue.
The biggest difference between Tri-State Business and the Joplin Daily, which sputtered out of existence recently, is the clear business plan the owners had long before the first edition was printed.
The newspaper actually has advertising, something that was rather sparse in Joplin Daily. The current edition includes full-page ads from St. John's Regional Medical Center, Freeman Health System, and Roper Pontiac, as well as sizable ads from Southwest Missouri Bank, Pittsburg State University, Hometown Bank, Crossland Construction Company, Empire District Electric Company and numerous medium-sized ads.
In a column in the latest edition, Publisher Dianne Elizabeth Otis writes:

It took a long time- more than 10 years- for the Springfield Business Journal (Tri-State Business is published by the Springfield Business Journal) to gain the strength and respect that Joplin Tri-State Business has achieved in only one year. I know that the growth of a local business publication reflects the growth of the local economy. That's something we can all be proud of.


Anonymous said...

Let us not forget that Roper Pontiac promised to do a substantial amount of advertising in, but never upheld that promise.

Anonymous said...

What is surprising to me is that Joplin Tri-State Business doesn't have a web site!